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Get $1 CAD credit for every $25 CAD spent!
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App Prototypes Anyone Can Create

You know that app idea you're always talking about? Well stop talking and do something about it. How, you ask? Like any great idea, it starts with a mockup. But how does one create mockups? Well there's the classic "pen and bar napkin" approach, but in today's digital world you might want to be a little less... crude. Say hello to MockApp - the easiest way to create app prototypes without development or design experience. If you can use PowerPoint or Keynote, you're good to go.

Why We Love It

Until now, there has been no easy way to mock up an idea without knowledge of Apple's iOS development tools. With MockApp, you simply copy and paste screenshots from the MockApp library onto your canvas (a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation) - simple! Don't waste time and money on a developer or designer to help you prototype your idea - you can create a polished, professional-looking app on your own with tools you already know how to use: Keynote and PowerPoint.

User Reviews

"I'm using Mockapp to create iPad mock-ups and layouts. It's awesome... thanks to Dotan Saguy. ” - John F. "Trying out MockApp... Amazing prototyping tool for iPad OS programmers." - Dan H. "More than happy to confirm that MockApp is a fabulous way of mocking up an iPad app in powerpoint" - Richard L.

Top Features

Is it real, or is it MockApp? The Plus Edition includes 54 slides of iPad UI elements such as status bars, popovers, navigation bars, toolbars, tab bars, alert messages, split views, maps, date and time pickers, action sheets, modal views, keyboards and backgrounds - so your prototype looks exactly like it would on an iOS device. Drop It Like It's Hot Simply drag and drop all UI elements from the screenshot library into your mockup document so technical issues don't interrupt your creative flow. Revise, Revise, Revise Edit your mockup before you spend a dime on a designer or developer, so you can save time (and $) once they begin building it out. Even if you don't know how to design apps, Mockapp includes tips and guidelines about how to utilize each element.

What You Get

  • A Keynote and PowerPoint version of iPad "canvas" slides to build your prototype
  • A Keynote and PowerPoint version of the 54 slide iPad UI element "library"
  • Tips and best practices for designing app elements

System Requirements:

  • Mac: Recent OS X version and Keynote
  • PC: Recent Windows OS and PowerPoint


  • English


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