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Get $1 CAD credit for every $25 CAD spent!
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FLAK Dual-Layer Jacket is lightweight armor for your iPhone 5. The internal layer is a soft TPU material, while the external one is a hard, polycarbonate shell. These layers work together to create a thin, protective jacket for your iPhone. In addition, assembly is a breeze.


In our eyes, FLAK epitomizes the balance between design and protection. We think this case is beautiful, definitely one of the more iconic on the market. Just look at that design - flawless.


"FLAK looks like a fairly minimalist iPhone 5 case, but uses a deceptively simple dual-layer interlock contruction method to protect your phone from impact." - Steven Sande, TUAW "The FLAK uses a dual-layer design with low profile layers to help keep both the weight and the bulk down." - Staff, electronista


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