Pay What You Want Mac Bundle 5.0 Ft. RapidWeaver 5 + TuneUp

2 Reviews

Pay What You Want Mac Bundle 5.0 Ft. RapidWeaver 5 + TuneUp

2 Reviews

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What's Included In This Bundle ($1,083.00 CAD) Value

Projects In iOS E-Learning Course
$402.00 CAD ValueProjects In iOS E-Learning Course
PDF Converter Pro For Mac
$107.34 CAD ValuePDF Converter Pro For Mac
MacX Mobile Video Converter
$67.07 CAD ValueMacX Mobile Video Converter
mSecure for Mac
$26.99 CAD ValuemSecure for Mac
Snapheal Pro
$53.99 CAD ValueSnapheal Pro
$40.99 CAD ValueVoila
CrossOver 13 For Mac
$80.49 CAD ValueCrossOver 13 For Mac
Disk Drill Pro 2.3
$133.00 CAD ValueDisk Drill Pro 2.3
$67.07 CAD ValueTuneUp
RapidWeaver 5
$107.00 CAD ValueRapidWeaver 5

Robert Donohoe

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Eff Volkoff
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John Barry
$235.00 CAD
Hans Willems
$206.00 CAD
Andy Katz
$205.00 CAD
Dwight T
$203.00 CAD
James McMurry
$202.00 CAD
Dan Baohm
$163.00 CAD
Matt Hollywood
$162.00 CAD
Matt Kempf
$144.00 CAD

Product Details

RapidWeaver 5

RapidWeaver 5



Have you ever wanted to build an amazingly beautiful and fully functional website without having to go through the tedious process of coding it yourself? Enter RapidWeaver 5, the software that makes it ridiculously easy to create stunning websites on your Mac. Whether you’re building your very first website or your fiftieth, RapidWeaver provides you with the know-how to QUICKLY publish websites to be proud of. No matter what you want to build – be it stunning online photo-slideshows straight from your iPhoto library, a company website, or your own blog – RapidWeaver lets you do it without the headache.


Even if you have experience building websites, starting from scratch is still a drag. RapidWeaver comes with 11 built-in page types and includes 45 pre-made themes, so you can start working from the get-go – all without needing to know a line of code or worrying about site design. And it's not just creation that's streamlined, publishing is a breeze too. With built-in support for FTP & SFTP uploads (used by almost every webhost around) you’ll be able to publish your site in no time. TOP FEATURES
  • 11 Built-In Plugins - RapidWeaver comes leaded with 11 page types that can be added to your next site, from blogs to photo albums
  • Over 45 Themes Built-in - There’s a theme for everyone with almost four-dozen customizable themes to choose from
  • +6 All-New Themes - All from world-renowned designers, to help your sites stand out
  • Easy Publishing - RapidWeaver uploads your site using FTP and SFTP, which are supported by almost every host on the planet
  • One Click Publishing - Making changes to your site is easy: with one click, RapidWeaver exports and uploads all the changes made to your website
  • Navigation Automation - RapidWeaver automatically creates the navigation menu for you: and tracks when you change any page names to ensure there’s no broken links
  • Web Developer Tools - If you need to analyze your RapidWeaver pages, the Safari Web Developer Tools are now available when you preview your pages
  • Statistics - GoSquared LiveStats and Google Analytics support make it easier than ever to track who visits your site
  • Automatically Create Sitemaps - A new dedicated plugin generates HTML and XML sitemaps for your website so visitors will always be able to find the page they’re looking for


"RapidWeaver is a great piece of Mac web design software... Invest a little time with the RapidWeaver user's manual, and soon you’ll be well on your way designing a fantastic website for yourself, your family or your business." - (8.8/10) TopTenReviews "Realmac's RapidWeaver 5.1 strikes a winning balance between power and ease of use. It’s a compelling option for people looking to quickly create attractive Web sites with modern features." - (4/5) MacWorld


  • OS: Mac OS X 10.6.8 or higher


  • How many computers can you activate software with? - 1
  • When does license need to be redeemed by? - Anytime
  • Does it include updates? - Yes, all minor updates


What’s an Pay What You Want bundle? It’s a time-limited opportunity to buy a collection of apps for whatever you want to pay! Our bundles are exclusively constructed and are made for anyone looking to discover the best apps around the globe. What happens if I pay LESS than the average price? You'll only receive 3 apps: MacX Mobile Video Converter, PDF Converter Pro, and the "Projects In iOS" E-Learning Course. Because this is a unique type of offer and customers can pay whatever they want we need to incentivize a healthy price for the developers included in the bundle or else people might just continue to pay $.01 and if that were the case we wouldn't be able to exist. What happens if I pay MORE than the average price? You'll receive ALL 9 Mac apps :).
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