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What's Included

Responsive Web Design Essentials: HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap
  • Experience level required: All levels
  • Access 128 lectures & 16 hours of content 24/7
  • Length of time users can access this course: Lifetime

Course Curriculum

128 Lessons (16h)

  • Your First Program
  • Getting Started
    Introduction to Responsive Web Design Essentials Course2:44
    How is this web design course structured1:41
    What to download for the web design course2:57
    Web Design Essential - Exercise Files
    Web Design Essential - Completed Files
  • Introduction to HTML & CSS
    Creating & testing our first HTML web page5:55
    What is HTML5 & CSS3 in web design8:24
    What is the head vs body vs html tag in a web design page9:01
    What is the title and description for in the head of a web page5:54
    What code editor should I be using VS Code Sublime Dreamweaver Atom Brackets3:39
    How to add structure to your website using Div Tags6:26
    What is a CSS Class how do we color a background with it9:05
    How to nested divs inside of each other in HTML & CSS5:03
    Class Project 01 – Div Tags5:24
    How to create a separate cascading style sheet in HTML & CSS9:07
  • Project 1: Restaurant Website
    How to create an index html & style css12:16
    Test your website live using a Visual Studio Code extension8:47
    How to check your code for errors in HTML using VS Code11:01
    What is HTML5 tag header nav section article main footer5:47
    How to add html5 structure elements to your html website16:02
    How to color the background of a webpage using the body html tag5:10
    How to add an images to a website using HTML what is alt4:38
    How to center an image img in HTML using CSS1:14
    How to change the font style size & color of h1 p in HTML CSS14:11
    How to make a clickable link in html & change the color8:45
    How to add a stretching background image to a website5:38
    How make a div tag transparent using HTML & CSS in VS Code2:36
    How to create a simple website text navigation in HTML & CSS6:43
    How to css style more than one class tag at a time compound classes7:02
    Class Project 02 – Footer2:05
    Class Project 02 - Footer COMPLETE4:48
    How to add a simple email button to a website using mailto in HTML3:49
    How to add Google Maps to your website using embed codes11:25
    How to put your website live on the internet with your own domain16:50
    How to connect Visual Studio VS Code via sftp to host bluehost11:50
  • Project 2: Bike Repair Website
    Setting up our new web design project & discussing our topics3:46
    What is a CSS reset zeroing eric meyers vs normalize15:22
    What is a min-height compared to height for a div tag7:01
    Getting div tags onto one line using Flexbox in HTML & CSS5:23
    Add even space between div tags using flexbox with no outside margins4:42
    How to have 2 div tags of different sizes in the same row html css flexbox7:12
    How to vertically center content in a html div tag using flexbox css7:20
    Class Project 3 - Flexbox Header2:51
    Class Project 3 - Flexbox Header COMPLETE5:38
    How to make a full background gradient on a website CSS10:19
    How to change the default font type color size on a website using HTML & CSS4:19
    How to choose & install google fonts on your HTML CSS website12:44
    What is the difference between PX & EM & REM font sizes14:56
    Line height space between paragraphs aka space after4:33
    When would you use an svg image instead of jpg or png in web design7:04
    How to export svg png jpg from XD Photoshop Illustrator for website design11:00
    Block level images verses background images in HTML & CSS8:32
    Finishing up our cards9:10
    How to add icons to your website using font awesome VS Code16:31
    How to make an entire DIV container box a clickable link9:55
    How to use box-sizing border-box from Flexbox in VS Code & web design6:19
    How to make a colored button in VS Code using HTML CSS7:45
    Why can’t I add margin or padding to the top bottom of my a tag Inline vs block elements11:08
    How to add rounded corners to a button or div tag in HTML & CSS4:17
    How to add a css drop shadow to a website button div tags and text fonts headings6:24
    How to backup your website while you’re building5:00
    Reusing a button class in the navigation3:10
    Class Project 04 - Custom Button2:58
    Class Project 04 - Custom Button COMPLETE5:45
    How to add a horizontal rule using HTML5 & CSS3 in VS Code3:51
    How to make div tags wrap onto separate lines using HTML5 CSS3 Flexbox12:14
    How to change hover color & animate my button in HTML & CSS3:33
    How to target specific tags in HTML to apply css to using Pseudo Classes9:31
    How to create a simple dropdown navigation menu button HTML CSS20:04
    Adding our CSS dropdown menu to the roar bikes website14:50
    Useful shortcuts tips tricks to speed workflow in VS Code13:28
    How to add a large background image to a website design9:24
    How to connect link 2 pages in HTML web design10:42
    How to make a simple php form work on your HTML website17:49
    Adding placeholder text and labels to website form text fields in HTML5:46
    How to add a large multi line text box in a HTML form2:18
    How to add check mark tick box to a HTML form3:04
    How to add a radio button round button with dot in middle to HTML form website6:07
    How to you make a drop down form menu for a website in HTML5:48
    How to style form text boxes & check boxes in a website HTML12:55
  • Project 3: Responsive Portfolio Website
    What does responsive website design mean4:17
    How to change a website layout size color when at different sizes using media queries11:28
    How to test your website on a tablet or mobile phone from Visual Studio Code6:00
    How to change the layout of a responsive website for mobile vs desktop16:02
    How to turn things on and off for mobile tablet & desktop responsive websites6:03
    What is pixel density responsive images pixel ratio dppx in webdesign14:47
    How to export responsive images for website from XD Photoshop Illustrator5:11
    How to add responsive images to website using 100% width in HTML & CSS6:08
    How to use srcset to change images in HTML for responsive website10:15
    How to add a css style to the first line of a p tag on a website11:18
    How to make the header footer full width but the inside centered5:36
    Class Project 05 – Header design3:12
    Class Project 05 – Header design COMPLETE6:25
    How to use a span tag or span class in HTML to change text10:32
    How to pin the navigation to the top of a website fixed nav3:17
    How to make a simple responsive mobile menu using CSS only8:20
    What is Javascript vs Jquery in website web design6:35
    How to make a burger menu 3 line mobile navigation for a website15:11
    How to switch a menu nav from desktop to mobile phone21:45
  • Project 4: Bootstrap Yogurt Website
    Overview of what Bootstrap 4 is in website design7:57
    How to install Bootstrap 4 on a website using Visual Studio Code6:27
    Quick overview of how the Bootstrap Grid Layout works in VS Code10:49
    Quick overview of how Bootstrap Components works in VS Code9:22
    Quick overview of how Bootstrap CSS Styles works in VS Code8:20
    How to customize the default Bootstrap 4 css styles13:51
    How to use Bootstrap Layout Grid Experiment 110:20
    How to make 100% header & uneven widths in Bootstrap 47:16
    How to create uneven col widths in Bootstrap 47:27
    How to add padding & margins using Bootstrap 4 in VS Code12:03
    How to change layout of Bootstrap depending on mobile or desktop15:46
    How to turn things on & off on your website using Bootstrap 45:30
    How to re-create the Bootstrap media queries in your own CSS4:40
    How to use Google Chrome Inspect - Removing Overriding Bootstrap styles12:40
    How to add shadows to text & boxes in Bootstrap 47:06
    How to change the default Bootstrap 4 buttons size & color6:16
    How to make images responsive stretchy in Bootstrap 49:34
    How to center text & div tags in a Bootstrap 4 website4:16
    How to customize the website navbar in bootstrap 47:29
    Add your own logo to the bootstrap 4 website navigation menu3:58
    How to change the default styles for Bootstrap 4 nav12:12
    How to add a sticky fixed bootstrap 4 navigation to your website design4:41
    Adding a full col image in bootstrap 4 & color the background of col7:56
    How to add a border & rounded corners to a box in Bootstrap4:20
    How to edit Bootstrap carousel off for mobile timing fade5:13
    How to put Bootstrap cards on one line using card groups decks & columns3:29
    How to add a drop shadow to a box or card in Bootstrap 42:25
    How to make a div tag a giant clickable link in Bootstrap 44:02
  • What Next
    What next in our web design essentials course6:33

Responsive Web Design Essentials: HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap

Daniel Walter Scott

Daniel Walter Scott | Adobe Certified Instructor & Expert

4.7/5 Instructor Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

Daniel Walter Scott has spent a long time watching others learn and teach, to refine how he works with you to be efficient, useful, and, most importantly, memorable.

Daniel is a certified Adobe instructor (ACI) in Ireland. He's also an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) and has completed the Adobe Certified Associate training (ACA). He's been teaching for 14+ years and comes from being a media designer and content creator – so he understands exactly where you're at now.


Welcome to Responsive Web Design Essentials: HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap Course, your guide for learning the basics of HTML5 and CSS3 from scratch. In this course, you're going to learn how to build professional responsive websites. which look good on mobiles, tablets, and desktop screens. It covers everything you need to build your first website. From creating your first page to uploading your website to the internet. You'll use the world’s most popular (and free) web design tool called Visual Studio Code. There are exercise files you can download and work along with.

4.7/5 average rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

  • Access 128 lectures & 16 hours of content 24/7
  • Work with responsive images & icons, and stunning full-screen background images, and probably one too many gradients
  • Work with Bootstrap 4 to easily add carousels, cards & complex looking menus
  • Create forms & choose great fonts for your website
  • Set up a domain name with hosting so that your website is live on the internet for others to see


Important Details

  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
  • Access options: desktop & mobile
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Experience level required: all levels
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  • Any device with basic specifications


  • Unredeemed licenses can be returned for store credit within 30 days of purchase. Once your license is redeemed, all sales are final.
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