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The 3-in-1 Universal USB Charging Cable
The 3-in-1 Universal USB Charging Cable
The 3-in-1 Universal USB Charging Cable
The 3-in-1 Universal USB Charging Cable

The 3-in-1 Universal USB Charging Cable

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Simultaneously Charge Your iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4/3G/3, iPad, iPod, Android, HTC, Samsung, and Much More


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If you just *upgraded to the new iPhone 5S or 5C*, but still have an older-generation iPad or iPod, *this product is your charging solution*. Most of us have *more than one device* that needs charging, but cords get tangled, power strips get overcrowded, and USB ports get used up quickly. The 3-in-1 Lightning/30-Pin/Micro USB to USB Charging Cable *replaces three cables with one* that SIMULTANEOUSLY charges all of your devices at once. Whether you need to juice up an *iPhone 5S/5C/5, iPhone 4/4S, 3G/3GS, iPad, iPod, Android, HTC, Samsung, Motorola* or whatever else, this device enables you to charge your phones in any location. *Never worry about forgetting a cable again*.


Perfect for those of us using both new and old generation Apple devices - now you can charge your iPhone 5S *and* your 3rd generation iPod Touch *at the same time*. No more drawers full of *tangled cords, chargers, and random adapters*, the 3-in-1 Charging cable is essentially *the only cable you will need to keep handy*. It's been *optimized to avoid tangling* and it's short length makes it *simple to stow away* for travel or to keep your space organized. TOP FEATURES
  • *iPhone 5S/5C Compatible* - Charges all the newest iOS devices with 8-pin connectors including iPhone 5S/5C/5, iPod Touch 5th Generation, iPod Nano 7th Generation, iPad 4th Generation, and iPad Mini.
  • *Durable Design* - Don't get a discounted cord that will fray or burnout. This quality constructed cord will last for years to come.
  • *Data Transfer* - Fully supports iTunes, data sync, and charging.
  • *Please Note* - ONLY the Lightning port fully supports iTunes data sync, the 30-Pin and Micro USB DO NOT support a syncing capability.
  • Simultaneously charge 3 devices.


  • Apple iPads/iPhones/iPods with 8-pin or 30-pin connectors, HTC/Samsung/Motorola/all other cell phones/digital products which come with a Micro USB-interface
  • The cables are guaranteed to work with iOS 7


  • One (1) 3-in-1 Lightning/30-Pin/Micro USB to USB Charging Cable


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  • The sale price includes FREE SHIPPING to the countries listed.
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