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The Ultimate iPhone Lens Kit – smartphone photography has never been this versatile. This package arms you with six different lenses so you can take virtually any kind of photo in any imaginable situation – from microscopic organisms to full-blown landscapes. Bundle Includes: 8x telephoto and 60x microscope lens with special case, the fisheye, macro/wide angle, and 2x telephoto lenses, a tripod, and a lens wallet to keep it all together.


Apple revolutionized your iPhone’s camera with the introduction of the 5S, but you can unlock its full potential with these lenses: Fisheye, Macro/Wide Angle, and 2x Telephoto Lens: Whether we're snapping photos at a party, on the beach by our office, or zooming around LA, having these lenses in our back pockets (literally) gives us the ability to adapt to any photo opportunity. And with magnetic “snap-on, snap-off” functionality, you can store the others in your pocket until you need them. The wide angle and macro lens can be used together, or you can unscrew the wide angle lens and take high-detail, close-up shots with just the macro lens. 8x Telephoto Lens: We all know the iPhone camera gets the job done in close-quarters situations. But until you hook it up with this sweet optical zoom lens, your long-distance photos will look like Polaroids next to an Ansel Adams portrait. 60x Microscope Lens: When we feel like getting scientific, this is our go-to. It magnifies any object 60 times and even includes two lights (LED and ultraviolet) to illuminate whatever's under inspection.


8x Telephoto Microscope Fisheye Macro Wide Angle


Vignetting You can get a bit of vignetting when using the lenses since you are stretching the focal length of your fixed phone lens. Note that the vignetting can be cropped out in any photo-editing app.


  • For use with iPhone 5S/5


  • 8x Telephoto Lens
  • Fisheye Lens
  • Wide and Macro Lens
  • 2x Telephoto Lens
  • 60x Magnifying Microscope
  • Lens Wallet
  • Tripod for 8x Telephoto Lens
  • Hard-back case for 8x Telephoto Lens and 60x Magnifying Microscope
  • Cleaning Cloth



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