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The Universal Hands-Free Car Kit
The Universal Hands-Free Car Kit
The Universal Hands-Free Car Kit
The Universal Hands-Free Car Kit

The Universal Hands-Free Car Kit

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by Bazaared
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Sync Your Smart Device To Your Car Stereo: Easily Listen To Music & Take Calls


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Put An End To Station Frustration

Car radio. When it isn't inundating you with commercials its usually playing the same 20 songs on repeat. You have tons of music on your phone or iPod, but no way to connect to your car's stereo. What good is that complete Beatles anthology if you can't even use it to soothe your rush hour rage? The crew at Bazaared have an elegant, simple solution to your vehicular audio woes. With the Universal Hands Free Car Kit, you can share any audio output from your iPhone, iPod, or any other device with a 3.5mm audio socket by simply tuning in your car radio to the frequency you choose on the transmitter. Pandora or Spotify work too, if it's playing through your device it's playing in your car. And by using your the microphone on your phone you can take calls hands-free (some like to say -- like a boss).

Why We Love It

Incredibly simple to set up, you just mount the microphone gadget in your car, plug it into your cigarette lighter, and connect the auxiliary cord to your iPhone or other device. Then set your radio to the matching FM frequency and jam out to your entire musical collection in hi-fi stereo sound. The bright LCD display and touch keys make it easy to select the appropriate station, and no additional batteries are necessary.


  • Compatible with iPhones, iPods, and other devices with a 3.5mm audio socket
  • Connect via FM frequency to play music and make calls
  • USB charging cable included


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