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2-In-1 Cable Organizer and Charging Dock (Green)

2-In-1 Cable Organizer and Charging Dock (Green)

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Stay Untangled With Cablekeeps For iPhone


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Simple, Practical, Fun

Nothing is more annoying than a tangled mess of charging cables when you're on the go with multiple devices. Cablekeeps "Goldie" for iPhone gives you one less cord to worry about. Add some personality and utility to your stock white iPhone, iPad Mini, or iPod charger. Cablekeeps slips right over your Apple power adaptor and secures your USB cable so cable & charger stay together.

Why We Love It

Throw your charger in a pocket and the intuitive design keeps your cable tangle free until you need it. Cablekeeps shorten and organize your cables and even double as a charging pedestal when plugged into the wall. Grab a "Goldie" today and never tangle up again. Top Features
  • "Goldie" is compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad Mini two-prong (US-style) charger
  • Simple, colorful design adds personality and makes your charger easy to identify
  • Doubles as a charging stand so everything's in one place

User Reviews

"Got a "Goldie" for my iPhone and a "Gulp" for my iPad, and I love 'em both. My cords are finally under control. What I especially appreciate is how "Goldie" not only controls the cable, but provides the perfect footing for holding my phone while it's charging. Great function, plus a delightful bit of whimsy...Ya gotta love'em!" - Amazon Customer "This item is great if you need to travel and keep your things organized. Plus it's just neat." - Amazon Customer


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